Intervallogic is designed to create a rapid-paced environment to train common ear training skills. In general, it is an attempt to work on immediate recognition and response rather than encouraging a slower, more calculated approach. This approach has proven to be very successful with a wide range of students, although it is admittedly best suited to simpler, single dimensioned tasks.

All exercises work on the same basic principles: choose a target number of correct responses and a maximum time for the exercise (on the settings page). Once an exercise has started, it will continue until either the target number of correct responses has been reached, or the time limit expires. At that point, a summary of the score is displayed and saved to the stored results.

There is no allowance to change an answer, or to repeat the last heard item. Responses are evaluated as soon as they are posted and the program moves onward.

  • set the target number or correct responses and time limit
  • choose an exercise
  • select a level for the exercise
  • click start

Global settings:

Pace adjusts the speed with which the program moves on to the next item in an exercise.

Error hold adjusts the additional pause inserted when an incorrect response is entered. The correct response  will be highlighted for this interval.


General settings are under the Intervallogic/Preferences menu item.

Exercises can be selected by either clicking the buttons in the sidebar of the main window, or from the Exercises menu.

The levels for the Exercises are set with the options under the Settings menu.

Click the Results button in the main window toolbar to review stored scores.


General settings and Results are accessed with the buttons in the lower navigation bar on the Exercise selection screen.

Once an Exercise has been selected, the levels for that exercise can be accessed via the Levels button on the lower navigation bar of the Exercise screen.

Free versions:

Only the default levels of the Triads and Intervals exercises are included. It is possible to change to other levels of these exercises to see what elements are included, but the Setting must be returned to the Default level to enable the start button. Results are not stored in the free versions.