The iOS versions are in the itunes store at: Intervallogic and Intervallogic-lite.

The Mac OS versions are at: Intervallogic and Intervallogic-lite.

Apple currently has no support for demo apps in the app store, but will allow free and paid versions of the same app. The free versions of Intervallogic for either OS have only two exercises: Triads and Intervals. And these do not include the user selectable levels that are available in the full versions. The audio quality and general operation are the same as the full versions. Use of headphones, or other high quality audio playback is highly recommended. As with any headphone audio, be careful  to check the initial output levels.

Based on a programmed learning model, Intervallogic offers a wide range of ear-training exercises for musicians of all levels of experience. Intervallogic uses unlooped sampled piano notes as well as percussion sounds to generate chords, melodies, rhythms and chord progressions. Intervallogic encourages practice in the high repetition, fast-paced mode that is difficult to create in a classroom or private instruction setting. Ideally, an adult user will work within a given exercise for approximately 5 to 10 minutes maximum in one session, but may return several times a day for more practice. The scores for each exercise are automatically recorded once the exercise ends, and can be reviewed at a later time. In the basic identification exercises, chords or intervals are generated and presented as multiple choice options. The overall framework is to achieve 100 correct answers within a 5 minute time limit. There is no option to repeat incorrect answers, the user is intentionally moved forward into the next question. Immediate feedback to each response occurs visually with the movement of the progress bars, and in the event of an incorrect response, the correct answer is briefly highlighted before the next question is played.

While not intended exclusively for use in the Royal Conservatory system, where applicable exercises have levels matching the grade requirements for ear-training of the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto).

Key features:

-minimal formal music background required, melodic answers are given in standard solfege symbols
-customizable user settings for target scores, time allowed etc.


  • Triads
  • Seventh Chords
  • Intervals
  • Tuning
  • Pitch
  • Cadences
  • Melodic dictation
  • Rhythmic dictation (*Mac OS available now, iOS coming soon)
  • Chord progressions (*coming soon, Mac OS only)
  • Scales
  • Inversions (*Mac OS only)


System requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 or greater
no additional midi or audio hardware required

iOS 8.x or greater
use of headphones is strongly recommneded

Price (US): $5.99 iOS, Mac OS $13.99